Lemma for the BlackBerry PlayBook Updated to v1.0.9

Lemma for the BlackBerry PlayBook has been updated to v1.0.9! We first told you about Lemma back on August 28th. Lemma is a free open sourced Twitter client that will hopefully bring some nice and rich features to our PlayBook’s.  The app developers have stated that they plan on releasing the source code for the app to the BlackBerry community in an attempt to make the app much better over time.

Change Log v1.0.9

  • Update authorization method; no longer spawns external browser or asks you to input a PIN.

Looking for a Twitter experience that makes full use of your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ 7-inch screen? Are you the follower of hundreds of Twitter users, making your use of Twitter lists
mandatory? If you answered yes to either of these questions, Lemma for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ is a Twitter application you’ll want to check out. Lemma for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ is a free, open-source application that was written as a proof of concept of the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ WebWorks SDK (HTML5 and JavaScript). The code
for Lemma for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ can be downloaded from GitHub to be updated, optimized and enhanced by the thriving BlackBerry® WebWorks developer community.

More info: http://lemmaforplaybook.com/

Download Lemma in App World!