BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011 General Session Keynote Keynote Highlights

The BlackBerry® DevCon Americas 2011 General Session Keynote from this morning was great we wanted to highlight on some of the highpoints form the Keynote hit the jump to get in on all that went on!

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Here are some of the highlights so far. I will try to keep this updated as the keynote stretches out!

More than 50 million BBM Users

More than a billion App World downloads

25 million downloads of the first 200 bbm connected apps

Foursquare saw 200,000 downloads in one day once adding BBM SDK connectivity

POSIX compliance comes with standards

Adds standard open source libraries. They are planning on porting all system/platform/standard and opensource libraries so that developers can include them as part of their application. If enough devs use them they will include them in the system.

Marmalade is showing off laura croft tomb raider to the PlayBook

Unity was showing off a side scrolling PlayBook game rendered in 3d which was impressive

George Staikos, the founder of Torch Mobile just got on stage to talk about the HTML5 environment that RIM is pushing

They just showed off OpenGL (WebGL) running in the PlayBook browser with a game that RIM created

TAT is now showing off their User Interface framework Cascades on the PlayBook.

They are showing off some pretty cool picture apps and a visualization of 300,000 emails shown in a chart.

RIM is now talking up BlackBerry Balance where it doesn’t look any different

Balance will work on all BlackBerry 7 devices and the PlayBook soon.

RIM is showing off a BlackBerry PlayBook provisioned on a BlackBerry BES

There is no extra work done by developers for BlackBerry Balance

Everything is put in a specific partition based on if it is work or personal.

Next version of PlayBook will have a Work category for enterprises to manage. A shell for your companies app catalog

Apps can either be native or HTML5 which works

RIM is now showing off Citrix Receiver as an enterprise product. Nice and fluid.

We are now seeing the numbers from App World which are impressive. Confirming that BlackBerry devs make more money on average. Apps also get more downloads on average. More on that soon.

Alec Saunders, The new VP of dev relations just got on stage