BlackBird Twitter Client for the BlackBerry PlayBook Updated to v2.0

BlackBird is a Twitter client for the BlackBerry PlayBook and has been updated to v2.0! The quickest, easiest and best looking twitter client for BlackBerry® PlayBook™! (incl. multiple account support)
Don’t wait for a mobile website to load, quickly access this complete twitter app for your BlackBerry® PlayBook™. Check and write your tweets on the go!

NEW Features in Version 2.0

  • Full supported portrait mode.
  • No1 user navigation.
  • Extended timeline.
  • New fresh design.
  • Individual refresh time settings.
  • Selection of different font sizes.
  • Localized trend selection, more than 31 countries.
  • Some improvements.

Features in Version 1.3.2

  • Username autocompletion
  • Improved video upload
  • Start search by pressing enter

Features in new version 1.3

  • New options for retweeting
  •  Url shortening
  • Quick access user profile

Features in Version 1.2

  • Picture Upload
  • Video Upload
  • Add URL inside tweets
  • Preview of pictures inside tweets
  • Easy pinless authentication
  • Full user profile view
  • some GUI improvements

Version 1.1.1

  • Full BlackBerry® PlayBook™ App
  • Quick and intuitive navigation
  • Easily read your timeline and single tweets
  • Multiple account support
  • Write and post your tweets and replies
  • Retweet and mark as favorite
  • View profiles
  • Search
  • Mentions
  • Direct Messages
  • Trends
  • Lists
  • Design by Austrian multiple award winners

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