Updated your PlayBook to the 2.0 beta and want Bridge items to work? We may have an answer


I am sure that I am not alone in this one, but I of course updated my PlayBook to the developer beta of version 2.0 and have since been missing my Bridge functionality.  Well I stumbled upon a neat little fix today while roaming around on Twitter, and while I have not been able to get everything working, some items like “messages” have functioned without a hitch.  Hit the break for instructions on how to get Bridge items working.


Here is the little walkthrough that I found for accessing your Bridge items on the beta build.  Please drop us a comment and let us know if it works for you, or even if it doesn’t!


Do this… 1) Connect your Playbook to you BlackBerry via BB bridge through the normal pairing procedure. 2)  Now, Fire up your bridge browser and head over to http:

What happens? you get BBM on your Playbook :)

Now try the same address but replace “/bbm/’  with ‘/messages/’


Alternatively if you simply visit you will get a menu allowing you to choose your destination (see image up top)

What happens? Messages on your Playbook via bridge! Magic!