Rumor: We will see the PlayBook 2.0 update before February?

According to a source of BGR we may not see the official PlayBook 2.0 update until Febraury of 2012.  After DevCon and the release of the beta developer build of the 2.0 update this doesn’t really surprise me.  The main issue seems to be revolving around the fact that BlackBerry PIN’s have always been limited to one account, and therefore the PlayBook would have to have a seperate PIN and seperate contact list for BBM and email from your BlackBerry smartphone. 

Apparently RIM is looking at what Apple has done with their iMessage app to see how they would be able to share a PIN between devices.  At this point BGR’s souorce has said that RIM has still not figured out a way to easily manage the multiple devices, and therefore the update is being delayed till February sometime.  The rumored date right now is February 17th, but we all know to take that with a grain of salt. 

In a time when RIM needs to”wow” consumers and try to keep their coporate clients, delaying this update into the new year is something the PlayBook may not be able to recover from.  Please let us know what you think of all this by dropping us a comment.