Did you miss the BerryReport Podcast Episode 52 featuring the @NerdBerry Team? Episode 52 Now Available!

Join Brad from The Berry Reporter and the NerdBerry Team Art and B_Ren for another episode of the Berry Report podcast.

Join us as we discuss current BlackBerry topics such as:

BlackBerry Outage

  • How did RIM handle it?
  • Is RIM doing enough to make up for it

BlackBerry Devcon

  •  Good things
  •  Bad things

BlackBerry 7 devices

  • How are you liking your device
  • What don’t you like

BlackBerry PlayBook

  •  Are you still a believer

Porsche BlackBerry

  •  do you like it?

And many more topics on the Wednesday’s edition of the Berry Report/AndroidNerds Podcast!!

Please don’t forget to email in your questions or comments  to Brad@berryreporter.com or Art@nerdberry.net!

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