Free HotSpot Printing App For The Playbook

HotSpot Printing allows you to print any readable or sendable document on your Playbook. It finds the nearest Ricoh HotSpot Printer location and then your document gets printed. This is the first app that allows you to print documents directly from the Playbook.

App Description:

Print anything with the HotSpot Printing App for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ All files that are readable and sendable are now printable. The HotSpot Printing App allows you to search for the nearest Ricoh HotSpot Printer location. Once you select your printer, send any document, picture or web url while browsing inside the application to the Ricoh HotSpot Printer.

Get it from Blackberry App World.


  • ravenredbird

    Live in Toronto. Wondering if I should try to connect my PlayBook to my printer at home.
    Has anyone done this?