RIM Encouraging Consumers To Buy PlayBooks Because Of Upcoming OS2.0 And Free Gifts With Purchase

RIM really wants to sell those Playbooks! There is a new email circulating that not only offers the buy 2 get 1 free for Business deal, but free accessories and saying that OS 2.0 will be out in early 2012.

hit the break for the email!

Playbook Offer Email:

Coming early 2012, a free, over-the-air software upgrade with sophisticated features designed to change the way enterprises view and use tablets including:

* Advanced, integrated email, calendar and contacts apps
* Support for apps built for Android
* Enhanced web browsing capabilities
* Centralized and powerful device management features (Features require activation and provisioning with a BlackBerry server)

There’s no need to put off your purchase. Buy now to take advantage of this fantastic offer and then upgrade later for free.