Transfire XP Will Soon Be Launched On Blackberry Smartphones

Already out for the Iphone, Transfire XP will be made available to Blackberry smartphones.
Transfire is an instant messaging app that translates messages from one language to another.

Read the App Store description below to get an idea of what the Blackberry version will be like.


TransFire is the first Instant Messaging App with real-time Translated Chat. The artistic and brilliant User-Friendly Interface is sleek and stylish in a class of its own. Eliminate the language barrier from your social network and stay connected with friends and family across the world.
Impress your friends this year by wishing a “Happy New Year” in their native language. Sign-up and get your friends to join today!
While TransFire is simple to use, it is even easier to get started.

– Users can register to TransFire manually or through Facebook.
– Set up your own Personal Profile for your friends to see.
– Set the language for each of your friends in your buddy list and TransFire
will do the rest!
– Add buddies by scanning your Facebook Friends, scanning your Address Book, or BUMP phones with a friend to add them as a TransFire buddy.

Chat with your friends of the same language, and let the real-time Translation be the added feature that sets us apart from everyone else…
TransFire will automatically translate all incoming and outgoing messages to and from over 50 languages. There are many more amazing innovative features to come!

*Join the hundreds of thousands of people already using TransFire
*Push Notifications alerts you when new messages are received
*Chat with friends of the same language or to friends of a different language
*Easily add friends from your address book or from Facebook
*Set up your own Personal Profile for your friends to see
*Many new features coming soon!

Decipher the Social Network with TransFire.

Twitter: @TransFireApp
Facebook: TransFire iPhone App
LinkedIn: TransFire iPhone App

Check out, the Blackberry version will be v3.