TriPlay’s MyMusicCloud Now Adds Dropbox Intergration

MyMusicCloud allows user to sync their iTunes and other music librarys across several platform from smartphones, to tablets as well as your desktop computer. This application works on Blackberry, Android, and Apple devices, allowing over the air sync all automatically, without the need for a USB cable or ‘sync’ button. The newest update to the MyMusicCloud from TriPlay now integrates with your digital Dropbox!

With the new update of MyMusicCloud, you can store your music in your Dropbox, and rather than relying on an internet connection to stream it every time you want to listen, you can sync it to MyMusicCloud, and play it while offline. You can also enjoy all the other features of MyMusicCloud that are not available on Dropbox, such as playlist creation, ringtone cropping, access to lyrics, and Facebook sharing!

The MyMusicCloud service offers online storage of up to 2 GB of songs for free and the ability to purchase more storage starting at $10 annually for 5 GB of storage.  Users in the US, Canada and the UK can buy and download music from the MyMusicCloud store. The store offers over 11 million songs for prices starting at $0.19.

Download MyMusicCloud from Blackberry App World and register at

About MyMusicCloud

MyMusicCloud is a global online music service that uniquely offers users the ability to access and play their music on any computer, mobile device, or tablet anywhere in the world. Importantly, users with multiple device types can use MyMusicCloud as one seamless, cross-platform solution (e.g., Apple iPod Touch together with an Android tablet and a Blackberry Smartphone). MyMusicCloud is the first online music service to enable Facebook users to share CD cover views of their music listening selections with Facebook friends who in turn can choose to sample, download and purchase the music. Different from other music services, MyMusicCloud users can listen to their music both online and offline. The service offers online storage of up to 2 GB of songs for free and the ability to purchase additional storage. Users in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. can purchase and download music from the MyMusicCloud store.