Happy 10th Birthday to the Son of @NerdBerry!

I wanted to take a moment to wish the son of NerdBerry AKA, my son Nicholas a very HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY!! Nick turns 10 years old today and he is all ready a BlackBerry Addict! When I picked up my Bold 9900 I handed down my White Bold 9700 to him. He has made sure to take extra special care of his “new’ NerdBerry device. Next year he will be getting a BlackBerry 10 device for his birthday!! Nick, Mommy and Daddy are very proud of you keep up the great work and have a very Happy Birthday! We love you!

Love ,


AKA SleepRacer!

If you would like to wish Nick a Happy Birthday you can do that in the comments or on Twitter just mention @sleepy2009.


  • M Gutierrez10

    Happy birthday Nicky!!! Love ya bunches!!!!
    MJ and Randy

  • JoJo Lawren

    Nick, Don’t grow up to be a Nerd like Dad. Become a musician!