BlackBerry OS 7.1 Not Releasing in Europe Until this Spring?

During CES 2012, RIM announced Blackberry Os 7.1 and it was showcased on several devices, not to mention that the T-Mobile OS 7.1 was launched in Blackberry Beta Zone. it multiple devices. RIM has stated that carriers will be releasing these updates in the next few week, and Verizon Wireless already jump aboard with 7.1 updates  but that’s about it for US carriers but what about those other carriers? UK Blackberry users are still in the dark for OS 7.1 official releases and UK Blackberry tweeted today that OS 7.1 will be available in Europe this Spring. Why is taking 3 months for such a release on the other carriers when they released the Blackberry OS 7 devices before that of the US counterparts?