Peep It Beta – Read BBM Messages Without Sending a Read Receipt

Ever wanted to read a BBM but don’t want the sender to know you read it? I know I have (BBM Pin:28992A55)! Epic Applications is currently beta testing an application called Peep It. Peep It lets you read BBM messages with out sending that dreaded “R” for Read Receipt’s. Hit the break for more!

Epic Applications is back, and we are wrapping up development on a longtime customer request: the ability to read BBM messages without sending a read receipt. What this means is you can read your messages and your friends will see a D (for delivered) and not an R (for received)! If you want to reply or let them know you read it, menu > Launch BBM gets you right into BBM!

Peep It is currently in beta, and we are looking for some Crackberry Addicts to try it out for free! Download your copy now (only 35KB!) for free, and then provide us with your feedback in this thread. We will be offering a free released copy to our most valuable and helpful customers.

Download Peep It (OTA–load from your phone)

Peep It requires OS5.0 and above, as well as BBM5.0 or above. You must enable BBM ‘Save Chat History’. Please be sure to include your phone type, BBM version and OS version with any posts.

If you encounter any errors, please give clear, numbered steps for how to do it again and we will quickly investigate. Please email any logs or screenshots of issues to us at and be sure to include your Crackberry screen name.

We are looking for feedback around:

  • Do your contacts names appear?
  • Do your messages appear correctly?
  • Is the speed of the app ok?
  • Are the chats easy to read?


Via: CB