BlackBerry Users Tend to Be Older and Wealthier, Study Finds


ComScore has released an interesting new study that shows the breakdown in ages and household income in the US. They have found the Blackberry user tend to be inclined to being that of older and more wealthier variances. Which would make sense as the Blackberry Device is not an iToy. Hit the jump for all the details.

“BlackBerry users over indexed in all age segments 35-64 in November 2011, with the 55-64 age bracket showing the highest index of 120. BlackBerry audiences were also more likely to have a household income greater than $75k when compared to average smartphone owners.”


via Comscore via BR

  • JoJo Lawren

    This is like: 3 out of 4 doctors recommend, right?
    I resemble being segmented into groups!
    Besides, I’m living proof that us “older people” DO regress with age.
    I’m 60 in years! I hit 42 yesterday and I’m shooting for 28 by Monday.

    …and I’m Taking My Torch with me!

  • Eva

    Rainbows love love love 2 Dance