FunCam: Create funny pictures with your Blackberry Smartphone

I love my Blackberry! And like all of you I use my blackberry to take photos it is alot more convient to take photos with a smartphone than having to carry around a digital camera all the time. Whats even better to do when taking crazy and fun photos is to make the funny, and now you can with FunCam a great clipart app from Toysoft Development Inc hit the jump to give your pictures that extra craziness!

Item Description

FunCam is a unique and fun application that you can use to make funny pictures with the Camera and share with your friends and family.  FunCam includes over 40 clip arts that you can have fun with.

Using FunCam is easy.  Just select the clip art you want to use and then focus the camera on your subject eg: person and then click on the Thumbpad button to save.  You can then reposition the clip art to make the perfect or add some special effects like Greyscale, Sepia, Negative, Paint, Emboss and others.

If you are not into making funny pictures you can also use FunCam and date stamp pictures.  Just select the Datetime clip art and then focus the camera and save the picture.

Your pictures are saved to the system Pictures Library and you can view the pictures using the Pictures application.

Download FunCam for $.99 from Blackberry App World