Developers: RIM Releases Quake3 Engine Port Source Code for PlayBook

RIM has made significant progress with the GitHub open source platform. Open Source is pretty solid development platform on the BlackBerry PlayBook, and now RIM has opened up the Quake3 Engine Port as well as the source code to developers by making it opensource making things more useful and easier using the new framework.

Below are the  instructions for building the Quake3 (id tech 3) game engine for BlackBerry QNX based platforms (PlayBook).  The game engine source code included in this repository was ported from the open-source (under GPL license) directly from id software. The Quake3 maps/data files are not covered under the open-source agreement and must be provided by the developers wishing to use the code. As seen from the demo video of the Quake3 on the Blackberry Playbook before its release

Mobile Link

Developers you can find both of these projects in RIM’s GitHub repositories below

Quake3 i(d tech 3).git