Developers: You can start Porting HP webOS applications to BlackBerry WebWorks Platform & Win!

Well well what do we have here, developers now that Hewlett Packard’s OS has been open source to the  community, you can now port your webOS application to Blackberry using the WebWorks Platform!!! This is great news for developers to not only showcase their applications to a broader end base, but as well as improving the Blackberry applcation ecosystem. Hit the jump to grab all the details!

BlackBerry Webworks allows developers to leverage their existing HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript skills to develop rich, integrated applications for the complete BlackBerry device lineup. Developers can then test, debug, package, sign, and distribute their application either with BlackBerry’s cross-platform Ripple Emulator or the stand-alone command-line WebWorks SDKs.

With WebWorks, developers can create rich web applications with native capabilities and take advantage of platform features to help them succeed, such as an Advertising Service, in-app Payments, NFC and integration with BBM – BlackBerry’s instant messaging service with over 50 million users worldwide.

I will be joined by Markus Leutwyler from HP Developer Relations and Ken Wallis from BlackBerry WebWorks team for a full day hackathon to help you get up to speed porting your applications from HP webOS to BlackBerry WebWorks and adapting your existing Enyo based applications to shine on Blackberry Devices. All attendees will receive a free BlackBerry 7 device to take home and will be eligible for a free pass plus accommodation for themselves for the sold-out BlackBerry Developer Conference occurring over the following 2 days where they will also receive a free PlayBook!

Click here to sign up for the Amsterdam Blackberry Hackathon