Now Available: SpeedReader – Text to Speech Ebook Reader

I was thumbing through App World and I came across SpeedReader. SpeedReader is an application that basically translates text in a Ebook to speech so you can listen on the go! We’re proud to present, the FIRST and ONLY text to speech e-book reader for the BlackBerry® platform. If you like e-books, this app is for you. If you like audio-books, this app is for you. If you’re a student, or a person who needs to read a lot but don’t have the time, this app is your life-saver! Using the powerful iSpeech® technology, Speedreader “reads” e-books with human voice. In the past, if you had wanted to hear an audio-book in your BlackBerry®, you would have to store a huge mp3 file in your SD card. Guess what? Not anymore!!!

Now, you only need a small EPUB* file, which is just a few megs long. This way, you can have hundreds and hundreds of e-books stored in your SD card.
For the time being, Speedreader reads the popular EPUB* format. EPUB*, is the standard open e-book format recommended by the International digital publishing forum. You can find millions of e-books using this format. You should never run out of reading material.
In the upcoming months, if the community likes the app, and we receive positive feedback, we’re planning to add PDF and TXT support.
Speedreader exciting features:
1) Speedreader uses the powerful iSpeech® engine. This technology, has the most human-like voice you’ve ever seen in a mobile application.
2) Speedreader supports 6 languages. ENGLISH, SPANISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, PORTUGUESE and ITALIAN. Each one with great phonetics and pronunciation.
3) Speedreader supports the popular EPUB* format.
4) Speedreader, has an intelligent recover system. It remembers the books you’re reading and gives you the option to resume your last reading session, from the exact same point you stopped reading. You can read multiple e-books at the same time, and Speedreader will remember them all.

We encourage you to download this application and leave positive feedback. If you like it, we will keep working on it. For the time being it’s free, so, ENJOY IT!

EPUB*: Our reader recognizes the EPUB standard format. Since there are lots of piracy e-books over the net, some of them don’t have the standard EPUB structure, and for that reason, they won’t work. We’re currently working on finding a workaround for this issue. However, the vast majority of the EPUB files will work perfectly.

Download SpeedReader – Text to Speech Ebook Reader (powered by iSpeech) in App World for only $1.99