Best Buy & RIM Starts Sending Out Training Info for Employees on PlayBook OS 2.0

With the launch of PlayBook OS 2.0 nearing a PlayBook near you, RIM and Best Buy has started sending out training  info. As you can see from the image on this article RIM has relized they need to step up there training program for retailers. Hit the break for more.

Best Buy is sending out the following email to employees:

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet now with PlayBook OS 2.0 brings together the best of BlackBerry communications, powerful productivity tools, and your customers’ favorite applications, movies, and music to help them make the most out of every moment.

PlayBook OS 2.0 enhancements include:

  • Built-in email, contacts, and new social calendar
  • New BlackBerry® Bridge™ features let your customers use their BlackBerry smartphone as a keyboard and mouse for their BlackBerry PlayBook giving them a wireless remote control of the tablet
  • BlackBerry Video Store with thousands of titles to rent or buy
  • Your customer’s favorite apps and thousands more

Take the new BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 eLearning now available on and help your customers ‘get it done’.


Via: BerryReview