Are You Wondering Where BlackBerry Bridge Browser Icon Went?

With the release PlayBook OS 2.0 and Bridge v2.0 we have seen a ton of changes one of those changes was that the BlackBerry Bridge browser icon went missing. Well that is not the case RIM has merged both the native browser icon and Bridge browser icon together.

According to the knowledge base article from RIM:


After upgrading to BlackBerry® Bridge™ 2.0 on a BlackBerry® smartphone that is not associated with a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, the Bridge Browser icon is no longer present on the BlackBerry PlayBook.


This is by design as the native Browser provides the same functionality when bridged, therefore making the Bridge Browser redundant.

Additional Information

The Bridge Browser is present when connected to a BlackBerry smartphone associated with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server in order to allow browsing corporate intra-nets.

You can check out the knowledge base article

Via: BBRocks