Documents to Go 2.0 For PlayBook – Change Log & More

Have you been wondering what changed in the newly updated Documents to Go v2.0 for PlayBook OS 2.0? This new version includes a slew of improvements and much much more! Hit the break for more.

What’s new?:

  • Improved viewing of Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 charts
  • View & update embedded charts and chart sheets within Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 files
  • New Formula Wizard with over 110 supported functions
  • Copy, paste and resize cells, rows and columns
  • Insert & edit bulleted & numbered lists in Word documents
  • Support for Bluetooth® keyboards & shortcuts
  • Open password-protected Microsoft Office 2010 files
  • Find & Replace
  • BlackBerry Balance technology to separate secure work documents

Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts:


  • Undo an action: Press CTRL+X
  • Repeat an action: Press CTRL+Y
  • Extend a selection by one cell: Press and hold SHIFT followed by using the arrow keys to select a cell
  • Clear the content of selected cells: Press DELETE
  • Start a presentation from the first slide: Press F5
  • End a presentation: Press ESC

Typing Shortcuts

  • Bold text: Press CTRL+B
  • Italicize text: Press CTRL+I
  • Underline text: Press CTRL+U
  • Cut: Press CTRL+X
  • Copy: Press CTRL+C
  • Paste: Press CTRL+V
  • Select text: Press and hold SHIFT followed by using the arrow keys to select text
  • Select an entire document: Press CTRL+

Navigating Shortcuts

  • Go to the top of a document or spreadsheet: Press CTRL+HOME
  • Go to the bottom of a document: Press CTRL+END
  • Move one word to the left: Press CTRL+LEFT ARROW
  • Move one word to the right: Press CTRL+RIGHT ARROW
  • Move up one paragraph: Press CTRL+UP ARROW
  • Move down one paragraph: Press CTRL+DOWN ARROW
  • Go to the beginning of a row in a spreadsheet: Press HOME