Dummy Jake Game For The Playbook + Game Trailer

Poor Dummy Jake is falling and you have to tilt the Playbook (to avoid obstacles) to get him to the bottom. You have a limited amount of time, but no limit on what he is up against when he falls. He could get hit by asteroids, power cans, ice rings and more! Watch the video to get a sneak peek at the game before you buy it.

hit the break for the game trailer!

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Game Description:

In Dummy Jake, you control a robot that is falling in the air by tilting your device and using two special controls to make the best score ever! But be careful, Jake is running out of battery; be careful to the lap time of each level.

Feel the thrill of the fall by passing through fire rings, avoiding asteroids, and grabbing rings, power cans, ice rings! Jake has a life bar, if he takes too many damages, he will die…

Controls are easy to use; one part of the screen is dedicated to the maneuver button and the other part to the nitro button. Use maneuvers to skill dodge the obstacles and nitro to rush from a power up to another.

Challenge your friends, get the highest Dummy Rank ever and access to the world dummies leaderboard!

– 3D graphics
– Gyroscopic controls & touch controls
– 4 different power ups to grab
– Social feature
– Achievements & leaderboard

Buy it for $2.99 at Blackberry App World.