Playbook 2.0 Community Insider Event – March 7th & 8th

RIM has announced it first set of Community Insiders Events with more to come, in the first event Community Insider Event: Playbook 2.0Q&A. You can ask question that you may have related to Playbook 2.0! Hit the break for more info!

Please join us on March 7th & 8th for the third ever BlackBerry Community Insider Event! This event will be focused on the newly released PlayBook OS 2.0 (for more info, click here) and will feature our Senior Product Manager and handheld software expert, Michael Clewley.  We’re looking forward to providing you the opportunity to connect with our team behind the scenes, and Michael cannot wait to answer your questions about PlayBook OS 2.0!

To help Michael prepare for the event, we’re hosting a giveaway on our Twitter handle, @BlackBerryHelp, from February 27th – March 2nd. During this time, we will post one tweet a day asking users to share PlayBook OS 2.0 topics they’d like to discuss during the event; the fifth follower to provide a topic will be awarded a PlayBook accessory. This giveaway will provide insight into what OS 2.0 features you’re interested in and help Michael fuel exciting conversation during the event. Click here for more info: #InsidePlaybook OS 2.0 Giveaway.

The Blackberry Community Insider Event will begin promptly at 9:00 AM EST on Wednesday, March 7th. This board will remain closed until then, but in the meantime, here are a few notes to help make sure you’re all set up and ready to go when the event begins:

Important Notes:

In order to ask questions, you must be signed in. If you plan on participating in the session, but have not already registered with the Community, we suggest doing so before the start of the event. Click here to get started!

To sign in:

  1. Click the Sign In link at the top of any page
  2. Enter your Login name and Password

Tip: If you’re the only one who uses this computer, click Remember me on this computer to sign in automatically next time you visit.

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To subscribe to this board, and receive automatic notification of new posts:

  1. From the Board page, select ‘Options’ next to the ‘New Message’ button
  2. Select ‘Subscribe’

We look forward to your participation in this event. If you have any questions regarding registration, logging in or subscribing to the Community Insider Event, please send an email to