Telnet/SSH is a native SSH, Telnet, Rlogin Client Updated to v1.2.0.12!

Do you love you Blackberry Playbook, wish there was a way to have an SSH Client on your Playbook? Now you can with SSH Telnet, from Dmytro Mishchenko, and this is one of the best SSH Clients! The new Telnet SSH client for the BlackBerry PlayBook, is based on PuTTY and supports the SSH, Telnet, and Rlogin protocols. This application will work from PuTTY, qPuTTY, and the QT Library with legacy. Hurry up and snag this client for your Playbook!

This application allows you to access Windows, Linux, Mac, Unix systems or any other equipment which supports SSH or Telnet protocols. It can also provide a secure tunnel for other applications such as Web Browser, Email client, etc. E.g. together with RDP, VNC applications you can securely access your desktop. Based on PuTTY code.

Key features:
– protocols SSH 1 and 2, Telnet, Rlogin, raw TCP connections
– multiple session support
– plain password and public-key authentication
– port forwarding (tunneling) for other applications
– SSH compression
– xterm emulation
– extended key mapping

To bring up the keyboard in terminal window swipe diagonally up/right from the lower left corner.
Due to the lack of function keys on a virtual keyboard some keys are emulated – Arrow keys, Tab, Esc, Ctrl, Home, End, Del, PgUp, PgDn.
Press “About” for help and more details on key mapping.


Download SSH Client for the Blackberry App World