Profile Scheduler App Designed Just For Devices Running OS7.1

Here we have another app that allows you to not have to keep track of setting your phone profile. If you’re at home, you want a different profile than you would at work. Profile Scheduler lets you setup times to have the profile be switched to reflect where you currently are.


• Designed for BlackBerry® OS 7.1 or higher

• No need to create new profiles. Profile Scheduler uses all of your existing BlackBerry® profiles.

• While using Profile Scheduler, you can still change your active profile the same way as before

• Pre-configured template let’s you quickly get started in just minutes.

• The scheduled profile changes can be turned on and off at any time with just a button click.

• When the profile is automatically changed, the device will vibrate to let you know (can be turned off)

• Works even if holstered or locked

Get it for $1.99 from Blackberry App World.