RIM Gets Sued For Using Emoticons…

Varia Holdings LLC has filed a patent infringement case against against RIM for infringing on US Patent 7167731 titled “Emoticon input method and apparatus.” The patent states:

an input key that, when pressed by the user while in text mode, results in the display of a list of emoticons for selection by the user. By displaying a list of emoticons, a more user friendly environment is created through which users may employ emoticons in their communications.”

Varia Holdings LLCwants the courts to banned the sale of BlackBerry devices and be awarded damages. You can read the suit here:

[docstoc docId=”116446321″ mId=”-10″ width=”600″ height=”550″ slideMode=”true” showRelatedDocs=”true” showOtherDocs=”true” allowdownload=”true” url=”http://embed.docstoc.com/docs/116446321/Varia-Emoticon-“]Varia Emoticon [/docstoc]
Via: N4BB