Apple Passes The Blackberry To Become The Number 1 Selling Smartphone In Canada

Well this stinks, as a Canadian I was proud to have Blackberry still be at the top of Canadian’s smartphone choice. But unfortunately, that spot has been taken over by the Iphone. Blackberry/RIM shipped 2.08 million units in Canada vs 2.85 million iPhones shipped by Apple.
“For RIM, in its home market, to lose that No. 1 position to iPhone is strategically important,” said Paul Taylor, a fund manager at BMO Harris Private Banking. “It does identify, even with a home-country bias, how consumers are responding to the greater functionality of the iPhone.”

RIM has had declining sales for a while now, so I guess this isn’t a shocker but still. Blackberry 10 is on its way and hopefully that will bring RIM out of its slump.