BlackBerry 10 Jam Developer Attendees WILL Receive a Limited Edition Developer Prototype Device – The BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha!!!

Here is some great news coming from RIM this afternoon! Developers that attend BlackBerry 10 Jam will get a Limited Edition Developer Prototype Device – The BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha!!! Hit the break for more!

Here is what RIM sent us:

Some exciting news for our developer community. At BlackBerry 10 Jam in Orlando May 1 – 3 2012, we will not only launch the BlackBerry 10 developer tools in beta, but developer attendees will receive a limited edition developer prototype device – the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha.  This is not a BlackBerry 10 smartphone – it is a prototype running a modified version of the PlayBook OS which will help developers design their apps for the BlackBerry 10 smartphone form factor.  It’s not the final hardware or OS – it’s a device to help developers get started with designing for what’s coming.

The purpose of this seeding is to give BlackBerry 10 Jam developer attendees a testing device to create excitement as they start to develop BlackBerry 10 applications alongside us.

To be clear, this is not a BlackBerry 10 device. It’s the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha. It includes a modified version of the BlackBerry PlayBook OS which shows the path to the BlackBerry 10 OS, which has been customized to a phone. This device will allow developers to test the applications they are building with our BlackBerry 10 toolsets.

We are only offering this device to our BlackBerry 10 Jam developer attendees, as it is a prototype testing device meant specifically for them. This is not a commercial product and will not be seeded to our end users or attendees of BlackBerry World. There is limited capacity for BlackBerry 10 Jam, so developers should register as soon as possible to be part of this amazing opportunity.

This is awesome news for all you developers attending BlackBerry 10 Jam!!