SecuStore-Password Manager For The Playbook

SecuStore is a password manager for the Playbook. But it also has a bunch of other features. If you have trouble coming up with a password, no problem! It comes with a password generator. Also store your passwords in DropBox.

App Description:

SecuStore is a cross-platform password manager / secure storage utility available for webOS, iOS, Google Chrome and Blackberry

Unique features like the built-in password generator and cloud synchronization make SecuStore on of the most powerful password managers. And its absolute flexibility allows you to use it for much more than just storing passwords.

* Be secure! SecuStore keeps your data safe by encrypting it with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cipher.

* Be mobile! You can synchronize your data with your personal Dropbox account and access it any time from any of your devices.

* Keep your data organized! You can split your data into multiple Sets with individual master passwords.

* Mix it up! The built-in password generator makes coming up with new, strong passwords easy.

* Don’t take a risk! Prevent data loss by backing up your sets or transfer your data between devices.

* Be flexible! Store any kind of data by creating your own customized templates!

* Switch easily! Import data from other apps using SecuStores ability to import any kind of CSV file!

* Be efficient! Use the search function to quickly find the Item your looking for!

Buy it for $5.99 from Blackberry App World.