BlackBerry Swag Up for Grabs from @nerdberry!

When you wake up in the morning the first thing you do is grab your BlackBerry, the second thing you do is grab a cup of java sit at your table checking your messages. Right? We that is what us Nerds do in the AM before we start our day of keeping you informed on the latest BlackBerry news. We want YOU to sip your java in style! We are giving away ONE AWESOME BlackBerry branded coffee mug! What would you do for a BlackBerry coffee cup? Hit the break to see how to win!

To win this BlackBerry coffee cup all you have to do is:

We will use to pick the winner. Once the winner is chosen we will email you for your shipping address and get the case right out to you! The contest starts today and ends on Sunday, April 8 2011. This contest is limited to US residents only. Good Luck Nerds!!

  • Ron Taylor

    Have been following Nerdberry on twitter and “liked” Nerdberry on Facebook for a long time, and now I’ve subscribed to the Nerdberry YouTube Channel as well.
    Plus I’ve retweeted this post about winning BlackBerry Swag.
    So, why do I love Blackberries? Simply the first and best smartphones out there. Very professional, unlike ‘i” stuff. Played with Andriods but still not impressed.

  • Cool, all three have been completed and I love BlackBerry because its my gateway to the world – for info, entertainment and everything else. Can’t see myself without it. Been a BB user for the past 6 yrs and will cont to be one.

  • Daniel Lewis

    All three have been completed and it has been retweeted. I love BlackBerry because of it’s integration with the BlackBerry PlayBook!

  • All 3 have been completed. I love my BlackBerry because its keeps me organized and helps me easily communicate with everyone I need to on a day to day basis.

  • Devan

    Hmm. Don’t use Facebook or YouTube. Good luck to the rest of you

  • Vecharo

    All 3 are done. I love my blackberry because it brings my “life schedule” into one device. My schedule, the kids, hubby, social media and the multitasking to do it right. Plus the integration w/ my PB is outstanding.