Developers Could Win An All Expenses Paid Trip BlackBerry 10 Jam

Too bad I am not a developer because this sounds like an awesome prize! It says that for every 100 new apps submitted you will be eligible for the prize. I can’t see where it says how many prizes will be given though. It could be 5 or 10 , either way RIM is happy with developing right now and that is the reason for putting on the contests. Good luck to everyone who enters!

hit the break for the details

From Blackberry Dev Blog:

We’ve decided that from now until May 1, 2012, there will be some extra incentive to our community to keep up the development. Starting April 10, 12:01 am, every 100th new app submitted to BlackBerry App World is eligible for a prize package that will bring you to BlackBerry® 10 Jam in Orlando, Florida from May 1-3. (Click here for legal terms and conditions)

The prize package includes $500 USD cash, a voucher for an airline ticket (up to $1,500 USD in North America and $2,500 USD outside of North America), a pass to BlackBerry 10 Jam on May 1-3 and four nights at a hotel. Winners will be notified via the primary email on BlackBerry App World vendor account and we will keep the community informed here at the Inside BlackBerry Developers Blog.

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