Blackberry 10 USB And Bluetooth Extensibility Accessories Session At Blackberry 10 Jam

RIM will be having a session on how accessories can connect over USB or Bluetooth on Blackberry 10. Blackberry 10 USB and accessories have been mentioned before but now it is becoming a reality.

Some things they will talk about:

Learn about the USB APIs for BlackBerry 10
Discover Bluetooth APIs for BlackBerry 10
Offer feedback to product managers on the usefulness of these technologies

Session description:
GRP101 – Roundtable: BlackBerry 10 USB and Bluetooth Extensibility Accessories connected over Bluetooth® and USB can augment input and output mechanisms for many users. BlackBerry® 10 is capable of supporting these accessories. There are currently devices that work with BlackBerry out of the box, but sometimes the technology requires greater control using APIs. Join us for discussion to learn what’s possible and available. more Speaker(s): Shadid Haque, Application Development Consultant with Research In Motion Ltd.
Justin Pedro, Manager, BUS Connectivity with Research In Motion
Allan Stirrett, Team Lead, Bluetooth Profiles with Research In Motion.

It is listed on the Session page but is actually unscheduled.