CIA World Factbook for BlackBerry released – Get the World in your Smartphone

S4BB Limited has just released a FREE update of CIA World Factbook, the most detailed country app for BlackBerry Smartphones! Whether you are looking for information on the economy, infrastructure, population or any other country fact: CIA World Factbook 2.4 provides you with all the data you need, and that for more than 270 countries and territories! Moreover, if your phone has an SD card, you can download the information per country. By doing this,you save on both your dataplan & phone memory!

CIA World Factbook 2.4 Features:

  • Data based on the latest 2012 updates for more than 270 countries and territories.
    Extensive information: from geography to politics, all you want to know is in the app.
  • Easy to navigate: just scroll your screen to the desired country.
    Easy to search: type the name of the country you are looking for, that’s it.
  • Save your Battery and prevent roaming charges: once a country or aregion has been cached, no further internet connection is required.

With CIA World Factbook, You can have information about the whole world right in your pocket.

Get the free update today or buy CIA World Factbook 2.4 for just $4.99!