BlackBerry 10 Jam – Weekly Highlights

RIM sent us their weekly highlights for BlackBerry 10 Jam! Highlights include some sessions that will be taking place during BlackBerry 10 Jam so make sure you hit the break to get all of the info!

What’s new with BlackBerry 10 Jam

Every 100th App -We’re reminding our readers that the Developer Marketing team is holding a contest for developers. Every 100th new app submitted to BlackBerry App World as of April 10th is eligible for a prize package that will bring the developer to BlackBerry® 10 Jam in Orlando, Florida from May 1-3. The prize package includes $500 USD cash, a voucher for an airline ticket, a pass to BlackBerry 10 Jam on May 1-3 and four nights at a hotel. Winners will be notified via the primary email on their BlackBerry App World vendor account and we will keep the community informed here at the Inside BlackBerry Developer’s Blog.

BlackBerry 10 Jam Mobile Guide Now Live – Attendees can now download our BlackBerry 10 Jam app from BlackBerry App World. The app will include scheduler functions and a session catalogue. Can be downloaded from clicking on this link from your device: BlackBerry 10 Mobile Guide

Session Highlights – Our Favorites

This week we’re providing our developers with our recommended sessions.

Victoria’s Fave
DEV134 – Building HTML5 Apps with Native Capabilities
Join this interactive session to learn about building BlackBerry®10 applications using the BlackBerry® WebWorks development platform. Attendees will learn how they can transform their HTML5 assets into fully-featured, standalone applications with native look, feel and capabilities. Discover how the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK has evolved for BlackBerry 10 and see an overview of available APIs, architecture and developer roadmap. Watch demos of developer tools, get sample code and review existing applications found in BlackBerry App World.

Corina’s Fave
DEV153 – The Anatomy of a BlackBerry 10 App
Find out the basics of building a BlackBerry® 10 application – from how an application is packaged and the application guidelines, lifecycle and application sandbox to troubleshooting common challenges. Then learn how to sign and publish your application to BlackBerry App World and make the most of everything this marketing tool has to offer.

Alex’s Fave
DEV171 – Marketing and Monetizing Your Application on BlackBerry App World
Now that you’ve developed your mobile app, come discover how to grow your business. Learn how to deploy your BlackBerry® 10 app, optimize your discoverability, increase engagement and maximize your opportunity to get featured within BlackBerry App World. Join BlackBerry App World experts to gain insights, tips and tricks.

Veronica’s Fave
DEV182 – Create Socially Connected Apps Using the BlackBerry Messenger Social Platform
This session introduces the key features of the BlackBerry® Messenger Social Platform for BlackBerry® 10 and how developers can leverage the platform to help their users build stronger social networks. Attendees will be presented with code samples and UI models that demonstrate how you can integrate the BBM Social Platform into your app to increase visibility through a social network. Find out which aspects of the BBM Social Platform are the most appropriate for your application.


Append To Training Day

Creating BlackBerry 10 applications powered by jQuery Mobile
Join the experts from appendTo in this exclusive development training opportunity at BlackBerry 10 Jam. Attendees will receive hands on training on how to develop BlackBerry HTML5 + WebWorks applications using the jQuery Mobile framework. This single day event will feature 6 conference-style presentations of 30 minutes in length. Learn development, debugging and deployment techniques for creating visually rich and highly functional BlackBerry applications using jQuery mobile. Registration is extremely limited, so developers should register quickly.

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