Blackberry Project- A Study Done On Adolescent Texting

In a study done over 4 years by Marion Underwood, a professor at the University of Texas at Dallas, 175 students were surveyed. That is their texts sent to and from were analyzed. Those participating got a free Blackberry, plus the necessary plans (texting and data). The only catch was, that Underwoods’s team got to record every email and texts from the phone.
The kids were adding 500,000 texts every month, with homecoming weekend 2009 being the heaviest usage. 43,305 texts were sent and received over the two day period.
Interesting but not surprising, 7% of texts had profane language while 6.6% had sexual language.

The teens didn’t sensor themselves either, one instance had one texting another about selling drugs but they weren’t too concerned as Underwood respects privacy.

So even though she may not have said anything about the drugs, to be on the safe side, one researcher has to look for words like “rape,” “kill myself” or “older man.”

Boys and girls texting is really the same but girls tend to reveal a bit more. Which is like real life right? Woman like to talk about their feelings way more than men do.