Verizon is Testing New Software for Bold 9930 and Curve 9370

If you look really close at this picture, maybe squint and tilt your head to the right a tiny bit, you will notice that Verizon is currently in the process of testing new software for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 and Curve 9370. From 4/23 – 5/14 for the 9370 and 4/24 – 5/15 for the 9930, the two new operating systems will be going through the all of the final hoops that must be tackled before being released to the public.

If all goes well and everything is approved, the new OS, which will be some version of 7.1, will be released on May 16 for the 9370 and May 17 for  the 9930 initially over the air (OTA) and eventually pushed out to all of the Verizon devices. For now that’s all the information we have. Obviously, these dates may get pushed back if bugs are found in the software, but everyone at NerdBerry will keep our fingers crossed that the updates are released sooner rather than later.

Don’t forget to let your favorite source for BlackBerry news know when your 9930 or 9370 gets an OS update, otherwise, just keep checking back for word of the official release!