Is This The BlackBerry Developer Alpha Device?

It’s without question that many members of the BlackBerry community have been anxiously anticipating BlackBerry Jam and BlackBerry World. From meeting new friends and getting to enjoy all things BlackBerry 24/7, I’m not surprised. But excitement for the BlackBerry Developer Alpha device that developers will be getting at BBJam is growing steadily as days go by.

Pictures were spotted on the CrackBerry forums of an early developmental BlackBerry 10 device. So now everyone is wondering: Is this the Dev Alpha device that developers are itching to get their hands on? I wish I had an answer for you. There was speculation that the next generation of BlackBerry devices would be very “mini-PlayBook” in appearance, and this one definitely meets that mark.

For all we know, this was released strategically by RIM to give one more final boost of energy to everyone headed to BBJam and BBW. It’s only a few more days before everyone makes their way to sunny Florida and we’ll find out if this really is the Dev Alpha device. Be sure to check back here as BBJam and BBW go on to keep updated on all the goodies we get our hands on!

Source: CrackBerry