BlackBerry Bridge updated to v2.0.0.30, includes predictive text fix

Well BlackBerry World isn’t even officially started yet and we have already seen a quite a bit of awesome news come out of the conference so far.  The latest is that BlackBerry bridge has received an update to v2.0.0.30, and it includes a fix for predictive text issues on PlayBook OS v2.0.1.  I am sure that quite of few of you have been waiting for this one to come down the line.

Now if we look back in time, you will remember that almost every time we see a Bridge update it is closely followed by an update to the PlayBook OS.  So are we going to see PlayBook 2.1 this year at #BBW12?  We can only hope, and I am sure that if we are it will be announced tomorrow morning in the keynote speech.

Now don’t forget that our very own Sleepracer is on the ground in Orlando and will be bringing us all the BlackBerry World news he can manage to type up.  So stay tuned for more exciting news, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @nerdberry!

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