BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 coming soon

As expected we for some news about the PlayBook 2.1 OS update at BlackBerry World. RIM announced that a developer build of the OS will be coming sometime around the end of the month, will a full release coming at the beginning of the summer.

Here are some the features that we can expect to see in PlayBook OS 2.1,


  • Portrait Email, Calendar, and Contacts
  • App World Carrier Shelf
  • Bridge Texting and WiFi Transport Support
  • Android Multi-Tasking
  • Camera API and In-app Payments for developers
  • Over-the-air activation with Mobile fusion
  • Personal Encryption

Looks like the 2.1 update is going to be a singnificant one, and I am sure that all PlayBook owners are happy to hear about this one. We will bring you more info on the 2.1 update once we have it.