Headlines from day 2 at BlackBerry World

Well we are at the conclusion of day two of BlackBerry World, and while the parties have begun for the attendees, there is still lots to catch up on for those of us at home.  Hit the break for a list of the headlines from day two.

Day 2 of BlackBerry World kicked off with a Hands-On Lab where delegates had the opportunity to demo the latest BlackBerry solution software including BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, and BlackBerry and Universal Device Service.  Keynote speaker and author of “Standing Tall: My Journey,” Spencer West discussed his inspirational journey finding opportunity in every challenge he faced and redefining possible.  In addition to these special sessions, key highlights of Day 2 include:

o   Q&A with Thorsten Heins – Following up to yesterday’s keynote, Thorsten Heins spoke to 164 global press attending BlackBerry World 2012. At today’s Q&A session, Heins provided more information on RIM’s commitment to the enterprise and consumer segments. He noted that the company will continue to remain “laser-focused” on end-customer value, and will couple RIM’s strengths with the QNX experience to grow as a unique mobile computing platform in BlackBerry 10.  Heins confirmed that BlackBerry 10 will be offered on products with physical keyboards in the future. Additionally, he spoke how RIM continues to build relationships with developers here at BlackBerry World. He noted, “This is more than a smartphone launch; it is the first step towards our mobile platform vision with many future opportunities –automotive, M2M, new partnerships.” To see some of the apps RIM partners are developing for the BlackBerry 10 platform, check out these videos.

o   Around the World with BlackBerry: International Success– RIM executives along with key partners discussed RIM’s overall international business and ecosystem, and shared experiences of successful BlackBerry products and services implementations in regions around the globe. Patrick Spence, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, discussed RIM’s global strength pointing to key facts such as 190 million BlackBerry smartphones sold worldwide, 11.1 million devices shipped in the first three months of 2012, BlackBerry as the number one best-selling smartphone in Indonesia and South Africa, the leading brand in Nigeria and 55 million active BlackBerry Messenger users globally. Partners including MTV in Argentina and Pledge 51 provided BlackBerry deployment insights and learnings.

o   An Inspirational Journey with Spencer West – Spencer West is many things. A BlackBerry user. An accomplished speaker. University graduate. Natural prankster. Former cheerleader. And a young man without legs. Born with a congenital defect that caused muscles in his legs not to work properly, doctors decided to amputate below Spencer’s pelvis when he was 5 to help him get around. Navigating life on his hands, Spencer spoke candidly at BlackBerry World about the struggles he has overcome, and about the preparation that’s underway as he gets ready to face his greatest challenge yet: climbing Mount Kilimanjaro – the tallest mountain in Africa – as part of his Redefine Possible mission, and goal to raise $750,000 for international charity, Free The Children. His thought-provoking message inspired people to find opportunity in every challenge.