BlackBerry 10 BBM App Wireframes show off Cascades implementation

One of the most exciting things to come out of BlackBerry 10 Jam were the many demos nf previews of how Cascades are going to be used in the BlackBerry 10 development.  Now of course one of the most important apps in a communication driven device is the native app, in this case BBM.  We all know how addicting BBM is, and quite frankly as some one that uses all mobile platforms, nothing out there can really compete with it.  So the question now becomes what is BBM going to look like in BlackBerry 10?  Well at this years BlackBerry 10 Jam conference Shiladitya Sircar, Director of R&D BBM at RIM, was on-stage showing some glimpses of how Cascades are going to make BBM on BB10 awesome.


The below Wireframes, or rough outlines, show how RIM is approaching the development of BBM for the next BlackBerry generation.  The most important thing to take away from these is that RIM isn’t going crazy and changing the whole BBM UI, rather they are using Cascades to improve upon how we will be able to communicate with all, or some of our contacts.


RIM is also using Cascades to improve upon contact actions,

Looking through all of these wireframes you can definitely tell that RIM is looking to make the overall BlackBerry 10 experience new and refreshing, while still making sure that BlackBerry power users will not be lost in a sea of new actions and menus.  Check out all the wireframes and see what RIM has in store for all of us.