Forthcoming BlackBerry Bridge rumored to be bringing some exciting features

According to Bla1ze over at Crackberry the forthcoming update to BlackBerry Bridge will bring some features that many users have been waiting for.  Now keep in mind that there isn’t any leaked documentation or anything to go on, but when it comes to things like this Bla1ze is someone who we tend to listen to.  Whenever we see an update to the PlayBook OS you can pretty assume that a Bridge update either comes right before or after the update.

The features that RIM has apparently been working on for the next big Bridge update are;

  • BlackBerry Bridge 2.1 – Now offers you the ability to choose Text Messages as a category from the BlackBerry Bridge folder on your PlayBook.
  • Bridge Over Wi-Fi – You can now seamlessly connect your BlackBerry Smartphone to your PlayBook over a Wi-Fi connection

Now I am sure that there are many more new features coming to the next big Bridge update, but these are the only ones that have really come out of the rumor mill at this point.  Stay tuned as hopefully we will have some official news on this one soon.

Source: Crackberry