Keep up to Speed with Top Gear on your BlackBerry smartphone or PlayBook

Calling all car fans! If you are a fan of the british show Top Gear, arguably the best car show on TV, then you will be happy to know that you can now watch it on your BlackBerry phone or PlayBook as well as catch on up on any of the news and rants from the show.

Some of the features of the app are;

  • All the latest news, rants and opinions from Top Gear
  • Videos and photo galleries
  • Behind the scenes exclusives from the team
  • Your favorite clips from the Top Gear show
  • Previews of upcoming Top Gear stuff
  • The latest cars driven and reviewed

The nice thing about the smartphone app is that you can share articles and such through BBM integration, as well as Facebook and Twitter.  Unfortunately the PlayBook app doesn’t allow for BBM integration for obvious reasons, but being able to watch some video clips on that gorgeous screen is enough to make anyone download it.

Grab either the phone or tablet apps from the links below!

Top Gear for the PlayBook
Top Gear for BlackBerry smartphones