CupidRadar- Online Dating Using Your Blackberry

CupidRadar is a free online dating service that uses your phone’s GPS to find other people signed up to their service who live near to you. Once they find results, you get an email with potential suitors. You can setup your account to get updated as much or as little as you want. They say even if your Blackberry doesn’t have a GPS, their service will still work.

App Description:

Location-based dating done right for BlackBerry users!

1. Download and install this CupidRadar location app
2. Quickly and easily set up your free profile on
3. Log into your account at through your BlackBerry and meet other singles who are literally around you right now!

This app works with our mobile site to determine your location at periodic intervals and find you nearby matches based on your real-time location. It even enables BlackBerry devices not equipped with GPS to work with our CupidRadar service.

With your free active account at and this CupidRadar location app installed on your BlackBerry, we can continually find matches for you, even when you’re not logged onto You can receive as many or as few notices as you want and can turn off the feature as well should you choose.

We will email you nearby matches we found based on your criteria, and if you’re interested, you can message them privately through CupidRadar’s messaging system and maybe even set up a spontaneous mini-date.

Unlike traditional dating websites where you spend months of your life emailing and calling back and forth only to finally meet and realize you were not a good fit all along, with CupidRadar, you can meet sooner, flirt with destiny, and not waste time on the wrong people.

Meet new people while lounging at the beach or poolside, at an airport during a layover or flight delay, while vacationing away from home, traveling for a business trip to a new city, walking through a mall, hanging out at a bar or club and so forth. The options are limitless for you to meet new people that destiny brought to your doorstep.

The next time someone asks, “Where’s the best place to meet people?”, with CupidRadar on your BlackBerry, you can confidently say, “Anywhere!”

This app will not work as desired unless you have an activated CupidRadar profile, so after downloading this app, please visit on your BlackBerry or through any device with Internet access to quickly and easily set up your free profile.

Please note your actual location or coordinates or any information that could reveal your personal physical location are NEVER shown on CupidRadar services. Instead, we only display your distance from your matches, and even that, we round to the nearest mile.

While Destiny Gets You Close, CupidRadar Brings you Together!

Download the free app from Blackberry App World.