Let’s Get Phyzicle, Phyzicle Sandbox Puzzle Game For The Playbook

Phyzicle Sandbox kind of reminds me of the Lego that you could build that came with a little motor. I think there was one where you could build a little car and it actually moved, really you could create whatever you wanted with it. Phyzicle kind of mimics that idea. You use various different parts to create contraptions.

Game Description:

Phyzicle – the 2D physics sandbox that can bring your imaginations to life! Use a variety of shapes, constraints, and even FLUIDS to build amazing contraptions! Instantly share your creations with friends and check out what others have made!

– Infinite undo/redo
– Multiple snapping options including snap-to-grid and snap-to-object-center
– Tilt-based (accelerometer) gravity, zero gravity, and normal gravity
– Complete customization of all objects, including bounciness, friction, density, collision groups, color, and more
– On-screen action buttons to control motors and thrusters
– Save, load, and upload your creations, and download others’ creations

– Complete interaction with rigid bodies – floating, sinking, pushing, and more
– Multiple mixable colors

– Squares
– Rectangles
– Circles
– Gears
– Free-form convex/concave shapes

– Springs
– Rods
– Welding
– Pins (free or motorized)
– Thrusters
– Sliders

Phyzicle includes a comprehensive guide, multiple tutorials, and more!

Found a bug? Want to request a feature? Have something to tell us? Visit the Contact section in the guide! We’re committed to our players and will do our best to fix every bug, implement every feature, and reply to all feedback!

With a multitude of features and such loyal developers, Phyzicle is THE physics sandbox you want to be playing on your BlackBerry® PlayBook™!

Get it for $1.99 at Blackberry App World.