Review: Powerbag Backpack – Charge on the go with style

The concept of charging on the go has always been either a car charger or having to carry around wall adaptors for me.  The ability to easily charge devices while on the go is something that has plagued me for a while now, and most solutions seem promising but in the end they aren’t what I really need.  When I saw a Powerbag for the first time I realized that my ideal solution was right in front of me and that I needed to get one ASAP.  So of course we reached out to the folks over at MyPowerbag and got a Powerbag Backpack with a 3,000mAh battery to take a look at the bag that is taking the tech world by storm.

I am pretty much always walking around with my laptop bag, as I rarely leave the house without my MacBook Pro and a plethora of assorted gadgets, so as a result of this I always have my laptop bag on me.  The thought of being able to plug my phone into my bag to charge it just makes sense and I have to wonder why someone didn’t create this product years ago.

The Powerbag Backpack contains an assortment of USB chargers as well as the obligatory proprietary iPhone connector that almost every charging solution has.  The bag is powered by a 3,000mAh battery that will have no problem providing at least one full charge for two average smartphones. Now you may think that a bag that provides such an essential and needed service would lack some of the finer design points, but that is hardly the case.  Let’s take a detailed look at the bag itself.


The Bag:

When you first open the bag you will notice that there are quite a few compartments.  This makes it very easy to keep everything you need to take with you organized and neat.  I am especially a fan of the discreet padded laptop pocket located on the back of the bag.  Th smaller front section has all the pockets that you will need to hold pens, business cards, cameras, etc. as well as a nice padded tablet pocket that will ensure that your PlayBook is kept safe during travels.

The second section is the large main pocket that gives you plenty of space to store any larger items such as a coat, binders and books, or whatever else you may need to carry around with you during the day.  For me personally I was able to keep all the paperwork that I need on a daily basis kept organized and neat.

The two padded straps on the bag made it very comfortable and easy to lug around all of my day-to-day items without feeling like I was hauling a huge amount of things.  I even took the bag on a small hike around some local areas and my shoulders and pack where no worse for wear at the end of the day.  The addition of the chest strap definitely helped to keep the load well situated and evenly distributed across my shoulders during the hike.  The bag also leaves you will no concerns as to whether or not it will succumb to the elements, such as rain, as even the power outlet to re-charge the battery in the bag is well protected and waterproof.  Now that we have taken a look at the bag itself, let’s dive into the real star of the show… the battery and charging abilities that are built-in.


The Power:

If you were to quickly glimpse at the Powerbag would have no idea that it contains a 3,000mAh battery and several different power connections built right into it.  The fact that it appears like a normal bag is part of the charm of this one.  I usually need to carry around either spare batteries or several different charging cables to make sure that all my devices make it through the day.  With Powerbag I was finally able to leave all that extra stuff at home and merely pack what I really needed in my bag.

The small side pocket that contains the built-in miniUSB,microUSB and iPhone connectors is well situated as to provide easy access to your devices while they are being charged.  I even found it relatively easy to unplug my phone and access it while I was wearing the bag, which of course meant that I did not have to stop whatever I was doing and take off the bag to retrieve my device.  This is one of the big perks of this bag.

Once a device is plugged in you merely have to hold the Powerbag button on the front of the bag for a few seconds to activate the battery, as well as get a reading as to how much juice is left in your Powerbag.  I found that I got the most questions from people when they noticed the blue indication lights on my bag and of course they wanted to know what made my bag so special.  From the people who I talked to about the Powerbag, almost every one of them deemed that it was product that they would find useful.  With a few people I even had to plug-in their phone to prove to them that the bag would in fact charge it.

Now I would not recommend that someone rely on the Powerbag as their main source of charging, let’s be honest the bag is good for top ups while on the go to ensure that you can keep your device going for those few extra hours needed.  However with a 3,000mAh battery it will indeed charge the average phone up twice from almost 0%, and you can get even more juice with a 6,000mAh or the monster 9,000mAh battery that can be ordered to replace the once that comes with the bag.  In theory I suppose you could order a few of them and then use the bag as your main charing source, however you would have to re-charge the bag at some point and a wall outlet is needed for that, so it does defeat the purpose a little.


Overall I was very impressed with the Powerbag Backpack. Not only did it provide me with a comfrotable and vey usable backpack for everyday use, but it also helped to solve any issues I had with devices running out of battery life before the end of the day. The assorted compartments on the bag made it very easy to keep everything I carry around with me sorted and well-organized without forcing me to change the way I wanted to use the bag. All of the charging connectors worked very well and I have no issues in getting my devices or the bag itself to charge up.

If you are the type of person that carries multiple devices, or is always on the go and not sure when you will see the next wall outlet, I suggest that you give Powerbag a serious look as it is hard to beat the price and functionality that you will get from any of their products. The Powerbag Backpack that I reviewed is only $139.99 and is definitely worth that price tag. For more information on Powerbag and all their products head on over to and check out all the awesome stuff.