RIM Assists Employees in Pleading Their Case for BlackBerry 7 Upgrades

RIM has set up a new website www.upgrademenow.com to help enterprise employees plead their case to their IT managers for an upgrade to BlackBerry 7 devices. One of the main issues with corporate IT departments is in my opinion that they don’t like upgrading devices, because it’s expensive and it takes time. Well with this new website from RIM you can now approach IT managers about upgrading and be confident you know what to say.

RIM States:

If your BlackBerry doesn’t look like one of these, it’s time for an upgrade. Have a conversation with your IT manager today about upgrading your work device to a BlackBerry® 7 smartphone.

Features that will help enhance your productivity at work (and your enjoyment off the clock).

  • The fastest BlackBerry browser to date
  • Apps that help make you more productive and keep you more connected
  • A unified inbox that consolidates all your messages and alerts in one place
  • BlackBerry Tag on NFC devices — an easy way to share contacts and photos
  • HD video recording and playback
  • Easy integration with BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet
  • The BlackBerry platform designed with security at the core

If you use this pitch please let us know what the out come is in the comments. Did it work or did it not work?