Application Resource Monitor Headed to a BlackBerry 7.1 Device Near You

RIM will be introducing an new feature in BlackBerry 7.1 called Application Resource Monitor. Application Resource Monitor is a feature that will monitor applications running on your BlackBerry that are abusing precious system resources. There is also going to be an option that will automatically shutdown background battery draining applications. Hit the break to find out more!

What It Does

BlackBerry Application Resource Monitor monitors applications when they are in the background (with the screen on or off) and when in the foreground when the screen is off. When the app is in one of these two states, it looks for excessive background wakeups (any sort of timers firing including rapid/constant repaints) and high CPU utilization.


When efficient applications are in these two states, they should not be consuming an excessive amount of CPU or exhibiting any sort of timer abuse. When the problematic application is identified, an alert may be presented to the user. If “Automatically shutdown background draining applications” is enabled, the user is alerted and the application is shut down. If it is disabled, the user is alerted and they have the ability to close the app from within the notification. The ability to automatically shut down background-draining applications can be enabled and disabled within the Application Resource Monitor options access on a BlackBerry® smartphone by going to Options -> Device > Application Resource Monitor. The default setting is for it to be enabled.

Applications can also be whitelisted so that they are not shut down by Application Resource Monitor. To whitelist an application, users need to first receive an alert. If the ability to automatically shut down background-draining applications is disabled, they are simply alerted about the problematic application. They can acknowledge the alert (OK), whitelist the app (Ignore Future Alerts) or choose to manually shutdown the app (Kill it Themselves). If it is enabled, the application will be shut down and an alert presented to the user. The user can then open the alert to acknowledge and dismiss it, or whitelist the application to ignore this application going forward. To remove items from the whitelist, users can go to Options > Device > Application Resource Monitor.

How to Avoid Being Shut Down

You can prevent your application from being shut down by Application Resource Monitor by detecting and adapting to the state changes described above. If we use the example of a game, you can put your game into a paused state where it is not making any game play calculations for things like physics or artificial intelligence, and so it is not refreshing the screen when the game has moved to the background or when the screen has turned off.

Via: BlackBerry Dev Blog