Arianna Huffington Carries Four BlackBerry Smartphones All the Time!

President and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post Media Group, Arianna Huffington was interviewed recently at Startup 2012 in NYC. During the interview Ms. Huffington admitted that she carries four BlackBerry devices with her at all time. At that point she was asked why carry all those berry’s? She went on to explained the reason behind the four berry’s was one for each service provider so while she is traveling she can use the one with the best signal in the area she is currently in.


“I’m really anxious at the fact that BlackBerrys may disappear. I type a lot on my BlackBerry. I really use it. I don’t use it just to take pictures and download things. I use it for work. And come on guys, you have to admit an iPhone — typing on the iPhone is painful.”

I can defiantly related to carrying multiple BlackBerry smartphones as I actual carry the follwing with me all the time: BlackBerry Bold 9900, Samsung Galaxy S2 T989, and of course and iPhone AKA my iCrap.

Source: Business Insider