Kim Kardashian is Keeping Up With Her BlackBerry Devices

While I was literally Keeping Up With The Kardashians today, I spotted a little bit of happy happy joy joy in the middle of the latest episode: the Porsche Design P’9981 from BlackBerry sitting elegantly on the counter beside Kim Kardashian. I had nearly missed this sweet little cameo and of course had to pause the show to snap a picture before I could even think about continuing. 

For as long as I can remember, Kim K. has been a BlackBerry abuser but this was the first time I’ve spotted her with this fabulous piece of smartphone technology. The last time I believe a picture was captured of her using a BlackBerry, she was still glued to her Bold 9900/9930. Regardless of which BlackBerry device she currently calls her own, it’s good to see that some of today’s most frequently watched celebrities are still rocking their BlackBerrys with pride.

Even her mother, Kris Jenner-Kardashian, has a BlackBerry, which she is seen using most often. Unfortunately she also has an iPhone, but a funny thing I noticed while watching earlier today was that she openly complained about how the device just wasn’t working. I couldn’t help but let a little chuckle out at that.

I’m happy to know that there are still a few people shining bright in the eye of the public that aren’t switching phones just because of what’s “cool” and staying with a product that’s right for them. Seeing celebs and powerful business people (especially women) like numerous Kardashian women, Beyonce and many others using BlackBerry devices just proves how much better it is to own one while dominating the business world. Perhaps with the release of the much anticipated BlackBerry 10, this trend can make its way through many other big companies.